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The Most Business-Despising President in History

alfdaramola Wrote: Jul 20, 2012 10:06 AM
With the help of the corrupt MSM and the good heart of Americans to give a first black president in America history a chance to lead, he has failed woefuly. He has failed because of inabilities to understand what a free market, society and rugged individualism is all about. He does not have the executive skills to run a giant economy like America. Send him packing before its $17 Trillion debt/deficit with no budget since 2009 in the senate under Harry Houdini Reid too late.

President Obama's "you didn't build it" gaffe just defined the 2012 campaign. It succinctly encapsulates the president's prejudices about the public versus the private sector. Though the president has frequently mouthed platitudes in praise of enterprise, his suspicion and contempt for business has always percolated just beneath the surface.

Of course, the president is partially correct, in a banal sort of way. Yes, roads, bridges, firefighters and teachers are essential prerequisites to establishing an environment in which business can operate. So are peace and freedom -- for which we must thank the military.

But the president doesn't understand...