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White House Spokesman: "The Law is Irrelevant"

AlexMJordan Wrote: May 20, 2013 12:31 PM
The only thing utterly "irrelevant" here is this guy and his comments. But as someone said, in their (the Administration's) view it really is irrelevant where exactly the President was during the hours long Benghazi attack; that talking points were carefully edited to remove all references to terrorism, and know-nothing Susan Rice sent out to proclaim them; and whether or not it is illegal for the IRS to target specific groups. All of this is "irrelevant" when you have a President/Administration who thinks whatever it does is right, since they are the ones doing it.

Dan Pfeiffer evidently drew the short straw at the White House over the weekend.  He was thrust into the unenviable role of top administration mouthpiece on the Sunday morning chat shows, with scandal sharks circling.  The RNC notices that one of Pfeiffer's go-to maneuvers to avoid a question he didn't like was to dismiss it as "irrelevant."  CBS News' Bob Schieffer asked Pfeiffer about the White House's pattern of deploying spokespeople who aren't equipped to discuss specifics on Benghazi.  Amb. Susan Rice -- who knew next to nothing about the Benghazi attacks before she was sent out to...