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Let Authority of 'Hidden Law' Rule in Arizona

Alessandra3 Wrote: Feb 28, 2014 3:22 AM
Who does more violence in society and is the most extremist: liberals (including LGBTs) or the Westboro folks? The answer is clearly liberals (including LGBTs). In the US alone, there are millions and millions of liberals perpetrating all kinds of violent and non-violent crime in the area of sexuality and relationships – and they all believe that homosexuality is normal. LGBTs in particular compose the group that does the most violence to other LGBTs, and that’s when they are not doing harm and violence to heterosexuals (including children and adolescents). The Westboro folks, on the other hand, as far as has been reported, do basically no violence and no crime. Where have you seen a Westboro member sexually harass someone of the same sex? Or commit date rape? Or produce child porn? Nowhere. But you can find plenty of liberals (including LGBTs) who think homosexuality is normal who constantly do all these horrible crimes and many other harmful acts. Here we have those violent disgusting liberals calling the nonviolent WBC "hateful." That's rich.
NeitherProNorCon Wrote: Feb 28, 2014 7:22 AM
so celebrating the deaths of US soldiers isn't hateful? Your comments are so full of nonsense generalizations and exaggerations that I doubt you could recognize real hate when it was right in front of your face. Fighting against a group who you perceive as having an agenda you are against is fine, doing so with foam flying out of your mouth and insane ranting is stupid.