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Plato rightly observed that nations neglecting their govt will end up ruled by inferiors as we see today in our "fundamentally changed" new USSA now too late for an uncorrupted voting mechanism. Last election Soros had US votes counted by a Communist organization in Spain; but now (Nov.5, 2014 mid-term) election machine "calibration errors" digitally change votes; pollworkers flagrantly feloniously urge illegals to vote, & illegally influence voters; over 14% of registered US voters are non-citizens; & the ongoing expose' of repeat voters, dead "voters," & co-erced union votes now make fair elections impossible in our once fair land.
I encounter very few Lefties even "honoring God w/ their lips." From Cain, Babel, & Ishmael-worshipping Islam, to secular humanism, Communism, & atheism, the spiritually deceived worship His creations not their Creator.
"Rebuke a fool & he will hate you." Yes it's maddening when the devil twists God's Word (Satanism/"Wicke," as in "wicker" furniture, means "twisted truth"); but insulting the spiritually deceived doesn't help lead them to the Light of Truth, Who is a person Who lived & died for all of His children even those rejecting His "indescribable gift" of putting Himself into human form for all eternity to pay for our human errors & redeem us the beloved to His fellowship :)
Biggest "elephant in room" the now flagrantly fraudulent US voting system reported this week 14% non-citizens registered; machines from IL to MD changing votes from Republican to Democrat; undercover film of felony pollworkers urging illegals to vote & influencing how to vote; & the ongoing expose' of repeat votes, dead votes, & co-erced union votes. Can even a landslide conservative vote overcome this? US currently split in half between working taxpayers & dole voters. We've given evil too much money & power over US they won't give back as easily as honest voting even if survival instinct kicked in with enough Americans for a landslide conservative vote the media in cohoots w/ corrupt govt would not acknowledge & who would make them since our Armed Forces were stripped this year of the top 200 officers refusing to say they'd fire on Americans.
Funny Obama & Commie Congress.Prog.Caucus realize USGov transferred too much weaponry from their totalitarian Brown Shirt Dept. Homeland "Security" to our sovereign States unreliable to support their tyranny increasing to martial law when they use CDC epidemic threat as their excuse to vaccinate everyone, herd patriots into FEMA, & deploy their billions of hoarded ammo & USMIL equipment to wipe out dissenters.
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