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Obamas number one priority is to make sure we all stay bent over for four more years! Please let us agree to make Moochele Obama ashamed of "her copuntry once again!!!! OUCK FBAMA and his ugly wife
Get a grip Devilkitty, then pull as hard as you can, you see, you are stuck up inside of Obamas rectum, this is your world!
Pull your tiny head out of Obamas rectum Nodeamass
We need to start dropping nukes with our drones, let's get real AH
Ugly is your name POS devcat
You are the ugly POS here Devkitty, your opinion is in the catbox, you democrat POS
More like your headisupurrectum syndrome Ryanator POS
You are also a lying sack of feces DevilKitty! Pull your head out of Obamas rectum you fool!
Obama is a lying sack of Feces
Obama loves Pakistan it is his home away from home!
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