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Carbon rises 800 years after temperatures
yes. Ukrainians can vote. With ballots that can be read across a room into plexiglass ballot boxes is this free or fair?
The first entry when one searches "moral superiority argument" is "Brain Hacks: Using Moral Superiority to Turn Arguments" by Chase Amante posted Thursday, 18 April 2013 Great read, even if the guy is all about picking up girls.
Let's just sell, lease, or lend the people who want US military hardware so they can defend themselves against the new old Soviet empire. Did I mention that that would create American jobs?
A10s, F22s, or F15s would keep them much warmer than a billion dollars for energy. Lend lease them. And don't forget Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Czech Republic, and Poland.
It won't be that bad. If one takes the Vostok Ice core data, flips it so the past is to the left one would note that there have been four global temperature spikes. I believe that the ASSUMPTIONS about the age of the earth and range of the temperature change are wrong. Based on the last global warming spike from 1810 to 1998 the spikes are only 1.4 degrees centigrade. Using the Württemberg tree ring data published in 2011 the time between spikes is about 2000 years. If you want to see the extent of the future glacial icepack look at the data from 1810. That's all we have to worry about.
Correction: the time between spikes in 2000 years so the next spike will start in 3800.
I KNOW what the weather will be like. It WILL get colder by 1.4 degrees centigrade over the next 100 years then fluctuate between -.4 and -1.2 from the current global temperature until the next temperature spike in 2800. According to the Vostok Ice Core data CO2 always follows temperature. The simple explanation is that increased solar energy increases plant growth. More plants means more animals. So the increase in CO2 is due to the increase in global biomass, both flora and fauna.
Years ago in the late 1970s there was a soldier in my unit who talked of training with the other men in his in the forest of the northeast for the day they could return and fight for their beloved homeland, the Ukrayina. The people have HATED the Russians since before Stalin, a Ukrainian, stopped delivering fuel and food to starving millions (the official number is "over 10"). Why would the Ukrayinians not want to accept Russian aid?
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And They Called Me Pure Evil

Albert185 Wrote: Dec 09, 2013 1:34 AM
Most people haven't connected the dots. The recession under G.W. Bush was caused by the BHO polling ahead of Hillary and Al in November 2007. The big stock dump happened right after the speech from the temple at Mile High. There were no changes in GWBs fiscal policy that can account for the market drop.
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Law Enforcement vs. The Second Amendment

Albert185 Wrote: Sep 25, 2013 10:31 PM
The National Park Service recently acquired on of the four weapons of mass destruction stolen from the organized militia when a total gun ban was shoved down the throats of the citizens of Boston, MA. An unorganized militia using weapons superior to the standard military arm of the day devastated the government forces when they attempted to recover those weapons. This incident was investigated by the Public Broadcasting System but the video is no longer available. This federal officer has no clue what the founding fathers would have wanted.
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