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YOU ARE WRONG. Education is too important to be left to anyone EXCEPT the Free Market. Common Core is not about education. There is more data mining in the computer based Common Core test that in Obamcare. Here is the simple free market solution. Eliminate all test except for college entrance examinations. Pay for any "remedial" classes at any state run junior college. To pay for this; eliminate the Department of Education, block grant the money to the states,withhold all the grant money til the end of the fiscal year and cut a check to the states (or forward the debt to next years block grant) after paying the bill for all the remedial training at the junior colleges.
It's not about the McDonnell. It's about Jonnie Williams. "...promoting his company’s dietary supplement." was nothing more or less than they did for other businesses in VA. The goal was to pull the dietary supplement off the market. There is even a move to call it a drug. That is because the initial animal studies show great promise. If a drug company had these results there would be a rush to push it to market instead of pulling them down. McDonnell was just collateral damage.
The strategy HAS worked. The reason for most of the "blue on green" attack is not the reward but the fear of attacks on their families. Soldiers deserted the front in Iraq, not from cowardice, but for to protect their families. The way to save Iraq, Afghanistan, Mexico, and even the US is the same; protect the families.
This tactic works in the middle east and in Mexico. The reason most soldiers left the battlefield in Iraq is not cowardice but fear for their families. The reason for may of the blue on green attacks is not the offer of reward but the threat of violence against the families. The way to save Iraq, Afghanistan, Mexico, and the US is the same; protect the families.
Here is how a restraining order affected the lives of a woman and her four daughters. http://www.oyez.org/cases/2000-2009/2004/2004_04_278
There are Army units that are trained to detain these internees. They are Internment and Resettlement Battalions. If the President is not using the I/R battalions to relieve the Border Patrol agents who is he going to intern and resettle? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/785th_Military_Police_Battalion https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/15th_Military_Police_Brigade
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The March of the Tolerance Stormtroopers

Albert185 Wrote: Jun 20, 2014 11:29 AM
Since when is tolerance a good thing? The definition of tolerance is "to put up with something that is not agreeably". That is not what liberals mean. I will put up with pain but I don't have to accept and embrace it. I will put up with liberals but I won't accept and embrace them. Yes, I am intolerant of people who break the law such as people who illegally cross our borders or people who convince little (and not so little) children to come north. So shut up and tolerate me and my opinion.
As usual the story omits the fact that the FDA is going after the manufacture of a "Nutraceutical" that is anecdotally effective against inflation and costs less than drugs. Someone is now seeding to register this tobacco product as a drug but needs to get Jonnie R. Williams Sr. out of the way.
when one web searches "Moral Superiority Argument" one of the first web results is http://www.girlschase.com/content/brain-hacks-using-moral-superiority-turn-arguments excellent article! it list 4 steps to address a moral attack: Refuse Accuse Subdue Defuse good read.
Carbon rises 800 years after temperatures http://joannenova.com.au/2009/12/carbon-rises-800-years-after-temperatures/
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