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It is easy to understand for most who remember 9/11. That is, to stop it from coming back to this part of the world again.
Operation Inherently Flawed.
What a remarkably callous and cold individual Davis must be. Considering that she has also surrounded herself with people capable of creating such a vile and loathsome campaign ad followed on by this outrage, her judgment at various levels needs to be questioned by all Texas voters.
Respect the sanctity of the ballot box... Hope Kentucky does when they vote for anyone but this sad Democrat Senate candidate. Even MSNBC apparently gets that. And... The legal team at Gannett bites in failing to allow fair use of their video.
Mr. Affleck is an actor. Actors are nice enough people, but often enough they can be totally disconnected from reality. At least three reasons, first, that is kind of their business (entertainment) and second, they are by need (fans are pretty odd creatures), isolated from many things which the rest of us understand intuitively and finally, with very successful actors like Mr. Affleck, they are lauded by the people surrounding them in hopes of riding upon and sharing the financial success these people achieved. In no way should one ever consider most working actors to be fonts of wisdom. Nice folks, mostly. Intellectual giants, very rarely.
"like freedom of speech, freedom to practice any religion you want without fear of violence, freedom to leave a religion, equality for women, equality for minorities -- including homosexuals" Where exactly do liberals get the idea that they have an exclusive lock on all those beliefs? Conservatives are generally far more concerned about the rights of individuals as the single group of people called Americans and tend to avoid splitting people into groups. Liberals claim concern, but it seems from appearances most are simply divisive. Conservatives support the US Constitution. That liberal "owned" list above is pretty much entirely covered by the 14th Amendment. No, liberals, these good people whom you wish to whip up with your rhetoric need to understand they are more likely to become far more poor and disenfranchised under your brand of compassion. The last 6 years have proven that time and time again.
Given the last 6 years, that seems pretty clear.
It is also so amazing that this President has already set a tragic precedent in place of drone bombing American citizens without a trial at all. Be amazed, be very amazed.
Given the non-expiring on steroids version of the Patriot Act this President got put into place, pretty much no reason why we cannot, though the Japanese citizens went into detention camps, not concentration camps - certainly bad, but orders of magnitude less bad than what the Germans did. That said, trials to determine guilt and punishment fitting the crime of treason as its outcome are less messy than detention camps and they tend to be more in keeping with our American system.
Agree, though I would want to add having a trial in there between detaining them and putting them against a wall. Thank you for your service.
Trials are important. This President, with his pen and drone, seems to have little regard to that basic Constitutional concept where it comes to American citizens on foreign soil, upon which he has exacted his own brand of no-trial justice and in doing so has indeed already created a truly horrible precedent.
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