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Given the personal relationships between this administration and the media no-carry networks, this decision makes good sense. As regards the interests of the American people, it does not. Will be interesting to see if the Internet can pressure the broadcast media to do the right thing.
The producer who let that air on CBS may be looking for a new job pretty soon. Would have been nice if CBS and its broadcast siblings actually reported those items several years ago. Guess they are trying something new... the truth.
Ironically, President Obama has far exceeded President Reagan in his ability to get Republicans elected to congress.
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Voter Fraud and Voter I.D.

Alan437 Wrote: Nov 04, 2014 1:42 PM
Thank you for continuing to set the record straight with facts Dr. Sowell.
The stunning absence of jobs when these Harvard students graduate is pretty apparent to them. 6 years of President Obama has built that.
Taking the sacrosanct American concept of "innocent until proven guilty" and turning it on its head, along with having the power to take possessions from people who otherwise could not afford to fight the very government agencies who take those possessions from them... what could possibly go wrong?
Ms. Parker's argument is spot on. No American, regardless of ethnicity, should ever reward political failure and irresponsibility with their vote. Senator Landrieu has failed Louisiana, as so many of her fellow Democrats have failed throughout the nation. November should be seen as a reckoned response to those failures.
It is easy to understand for most who remember 9/11. That is, to stop it from coming back to this part of the world again.
Operation Inherently Flawed.
What a remarkably callous and cold individual Davis must be. Considering that she has also surrounded herself with people capable of creating such a vile and loathsome campaign ad followed on by this outrage, her judgment at various levels needs to be questioned by all Texas voters.
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