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GOP Strategic Retreat?

Alan176 Wrote: Dec 08, 2012 2:58 PM
I've noticed an increase of lib spamming on this site. MoveOn must be assigning the Lib of the day to join in and pick a fight. I'm of the inclination to let them take their medicine, stay out of this deal and when it blows up, the Dems will have no choice but to own the results. It will be a painful four years but will hurt the Dems in the long run.
Republicans are divided. President Obama won't budge. And more and more, it looks like the fiscal-cliff deadline of Dec. 31 will be missed.

It's now clear that Team Obama wants higher tax rates and revenue-raising tax-deduction caps to meet their $1.6 trillion revenue target. Spending cuts and entitlement reforms are vague to nonexistent. In fact, it could be that Obama not only rejects the across-the-board budget sequester, but that he actively seeks to raise spending, not cut it.

I guess it stands to reason that if you puff up his $800 billion revenue increase from last year, and double it to...