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John Ransom...Congratulations! This article has promoted more corrrect and responsible comments than I have ever seen! IT...and they...have acheived a new height. Wonderful!!!
Kids today don't NEED pebcils! They don't know how to write a whole sentence and even their typing skills are limited to things like U R NUTZ. Bang!
Well said! You just forget that today everyone is now 'entitled' to any and everything he/she could possibly want...making everything his/her business! Yes, it is disgusting!
This is not logic, it is hysterics. I teenager who has an abortion is not out to murder your kids. stop hyperventelating over your opinions!
Not having a Carry Permit as revealed in a newspaper, does NOT mean that you have no guns in your house! It only means the resident has no interest in carrying a CONCEALED weapon!
In my county or city in Alabama I receive a written notice twice a year if there is a child abuser in my neighborhood. The person's name is not included, just the address.
Do you also want to know how many knives are in the neighbor's kitchens? What about the medecines in their bathroom cabinets? Do they have Playboy under the bed? You are being hysterical and totally unrealistic so MYOB!
The discussion about Concealed Carry Permits fails to recognize one main fact: it is not required to have a CARRY permit to OWN guns! Therefore it does not mean houses in NY suburbs not showing such permits are gun free! Manyeople have guns who never intend to 'carry' and avoid getting such a permit for the very reason they want to remain unidentified. Margery
just wait...if Obama wins we WILL be a Muslim controlled govmt.
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