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Be An Uncle Tom for Life

Al4001 Wrote: Oct 31, 2014 4:00 PM
My thoughts exactly. However, when I see that BO's approval is still above 80% among blacks, I realize what a minority people like Ryan really is in.
Want to see their movie but not support them financially? Go to one of the big theaters, buy a ticket for a different movie that starts about the same time, then go to the movie you want to see. Once you're past the ticket taker, they don't watch to see what door you actually walk into.
She looks like that old SNL character Pat. Is this a mmale or female?
Big deal. Even if they got fired, some other liberal entity like a Soros funded organization would hire them. Probably at a higher salary.
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Gulp: Nancy Pelosi Clueless About ObamaCare

Al4001 Wrote: Nov 17, 2013 11:28 PM
As Dennis Miller says: She looks like she's perpetually witnessing the Hindenberg disaster".
How about replacing him with an empty beer can. I'm sure the ratings would improve.
WW II vets: We owe you so much already but can we ask one more mission from you? Please defy the "government" and this administration that has no sense of sacrifice and shows no respect for the military. Make them reveal their true colors by showing civil disobedience. Maybe this will be the wake up low info voters need. God bless you all.
I hate to admit it, but Cooper actually did a fair job as moderator.
I've seen the photo. If we want to start weighing in politically, there's a 95% chance this guy is a democrat and voted for Obama.
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