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The mind of a moron. This jerk who pretends to be a journalist is nothing more than an errand boy for the left.
Here is a man that represents a black district. He knows that illegal immigration hurts young black males the most. Yet he does what his is told and is just so willing to sell out his own people for a bobble. Black politicians have let their own people down in order to remain in power.
This is what a person looks and sounds like when they sell themselves out for the highest bidder. Hookers in Las Vegas have better values than this woman. She is a disgrace and should be shunned.
Is she running not the Gimmie Some More ticket?
If Dempsey has any courage left in his black heart he would have resigned in protest. He will not because all of these generals are Obama's errand boys. Gutless and clueless.
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Kerry To Snowden: 'Man Up'

Al382 Wrote: May 29, 2014 3:58 PM
This is the same guy who wrote up his own war medals. He also the same guy who in his book spoke of the secret mission and spending Christmas in Cambodia. He later recanted when he got caught lying again. He testified falsely when he said he witnessed American soldiers committing war crimes that never happened. Kerry's only attribute that I can think of is his uncanny resemblance to Lerch of the Adam's Family.
Just another Federal Judge on the Payroll for the White House. Holder has been hiding while at the same time doing absolutely nothing on Fast and Furious for some time now. Holder is the most corrupt Attorney General in our countries history.
I don't she'll run but you never know. If she does run the right will attack her from day one. Bill will get dumped on again and more information will begin to show what is considered the fake marriage. Hillary is hated by the right and rightfully so. Politics has become such a blood sport and I don't think shel'll survive intact. She is a polarizing figure and she'll have to appear in some non orchestrated events. She is not glib and is no Obama when it comes to public speaking and she will look small in comparison.
Hillary can't testify because she is still ducking sniper fire in Bosnia.
Kerry is far to busy to testify in front of congress. This is what you get when you hire a bit player from the old cast of The Adam's Family. You Rang
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