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Why Romney’s Remarks on 47 Percent Dependency Are Wrong, Wrong, and Right

Al3404 Al Barrs Wrote: Sep 22, 2012 5:36 PM
David Mitchell needs to understand the difference between welfare recipients and Social Security/Medicare recipients who paid into the government systems all their working lives. Most welfare recipients do not. True some on welfare need it, but there are many multi-generation families I know on welfare. And there are those on welfare who work and are paid "under the counter" as the saying goes. Then there are the rip off artists that steal millions from Social Security and Medicare &many never paid into it. Seniors aren't the ones receiving "goodies from the government"! We paid all Social Security, Welfare and Federal Income taxes for as much as 40+ years under a U.S. government agreement to make Social Security and Welfare payments to us.
Illbay Wrote: Sep 22, 2012 10:58 PM
Yours is the PERFECT example of why we are in trouble. YOU think that people put this money into SS/MEDI and "only get back what they put in" and it's not even remotely true.

The average SS recipient receives far more than he puts in. The biggest reason why is, this money is never invested, only spent. The ROI from SS now is little or less. People who try to argue otherwise have to go way back to before the Baby Boomers to "prove' their fallacious point.

No, SS/MEDI is just another entitlement because of the way it was set up and administered.

When Bush tried to suggest changing it to an actual investment...well, you know what happened.
S.A.M. Wrote: Sep 24, 2012 4:57 AM
You'd actually trust the government to invest the money for you? *SMH*
Texas Chris Wrote: Sep 24, 2012 8:52 AM
We would be better off printing up enough dollars to buy out all SSI/MEDIx paid into the system and doing away with those entitlements than we would trying to save them for even a few more years.

At the very least, give the option for some of us to get out, since we will obviously not be receiveing the benefits promised. Give me what I've paid in, and let me go my way. If granny and pawpaw want to stay in SSI, then stay.

Mitt Romney is catching a lot of flak for his surreptitiously recorded remarks about 47 percent of voters automatically being in the Obama column because they don’t pay federal income tax and thus see themselves as beneficiaries of big government.

Since I’ve warned about dependency and raised the alarm that we risk becoming another Greece unless entitlements are reformed, one might think I agree with the former Massachusetts governor.

Not quite. I think Romney raised an important issue, but he cited the wrong statistic and drew an unwarranted conclusion.

Here’s what I said to Neil Cavuto about the controversy.

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