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You are right, the 2nd Amendment does not put any prohibition or restriction on the kinds of "arms" U.S. citizens can own and "bear". Any Federal law saying otherwise is unconstitutional unless it is in the form of an Amendment and I know of no Federal gun control laws that come from any amendment to the U.S. Constitution... "...the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." That's "shall not be infringed" by the Federal Government!!!...PERIOD!
The sixty-four dollar question, why isn’t Obama and his co-conspirators, who continually rant and rave about gun control, earmarking needed funds for diagnosing and treating the mentally ill in America? The only plausible answer is that their objective is considerably different than saving lives and more like confiscating the American people’s means for preserving our constitutional government, our independence, freedom and individualism from a frontal assault by Marxist forces encouraged and led by Barack Hussein Obama.
Obama is a modern day Nero...he is fiddling while America burns!
Obama may see himself as "a Testament To Racial Progress", but his "progress" and life has been built on lies and a serious lack of productive ability, flawed decision making and total lack of leadership skills, propaganda and obfuscation maybe...IS THAT PROGRESS for America's black minorities? I don't believe it is... Indeed Obama is a testament to racial progress, but not forward progress but regressive progress.
When has Obama ever, ever supported our 2nd Amendment right? Not in my memory...
Charlie Rangel Calls Tea Partiers "White Crackers" what does that make him...a "Black Racist"?
I believe what we need in the United States of America is an official sanctioned political Tea Party with a Founding Father's Constitution, Bill of 'Individual' Rights and Declaration of Independence focused on 'individualism' and limited conservative federal government...
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What's Wrong With the News

Al3404 Al Barrs Wrote: Jul 28, 2013 4:15 PM
What's Wrong With the News? ... What's wrong with the news is that today it is not "news" it is PROPAGANDA!!!...Communist style propaganda!
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A Glimmer of Hope

Al3404 Al Barrs Wrote: Jul 26, 2013 5:30 PM
I agree, there is a glimmer of hope for America. We only have to look back to the despicable act of another U.S. President who practically destroyed the U.S.A. to view another glimmer of hope. Following Abraham Lincoln's war on the agriculture states to continue collecting the high tariff and duty revenue the agriculture south did eventually come back after being destroyed by Lincoln's psychopathic narcissistic iron hand rule outside of the U.S. Constitution...we see that same despotic action in this President, who incidentally sees himself as the second Lincoln. But, before you say anything research the unconstitutional and unlawful acts of of Abraham Lincoln. Do your own research and learn the truth of America's history. Steer clear of liberal, progressive, socialist revisionist writer, researches, and town criers... Educate your self and dig out the true history of America using period documents, not the propaganda spewed out by liberal revisionist since 1865...
Obama's legacy is riding the same lame horse Abraham Lincoln rode in 1860-65, which resulted in what we term "liberals" revisionists rewriting history to put forth the lie that ole "honest Abe" was the "best President America ever had", which is a total lie. Don't take my word do your own research and learn the truth about liberal Abe's disdain for the U.S. Constitution and our republican form of government, and ruled as a despot tyrant that cost 620,000 young American lives to collect tariff and duty revenues. Research it... Obama is traveling down the same tyrannical socialist road.
There is not way Trayvon could have claimed self defense when it was he who attacked and assaulted George and, as he said, Trayvon said, "tonight you die" as he pounded him in the face and onto the concrete sidewalk, which is a lethal weapon...
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