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Obama Evolves, Politics Devolves

Al2250 Wrote: May 10, 2012 1:58 PM One of us: That he is a Gay, Muslim “Light”, Communist grifter the Gays know, a modern day Caligula “light”, after paying for his presidency they are tired from promises and want a tangible result, before his second term flames leaving them with a hole in the pocket and empty handed. They want an advance on their original payments, and he knows that they know that he is Gay (AC/DC model). Making his case under emergency environment to a Gay reporter (ABC), throwing pre-arranged softball questions is just what the sinister greaseball Axelrod (a certified mentored Communist) thought would work best? under these miserable circum
This week, Vice President Joe Biden and Secretary of Education Arne Duncan essentially endorsed same-sex marriage. The Obama campaign, however, wary of minority and blue-collar voters, promptly announced that President Obama was against same-sex marriage -- sort of -- but that his position was "evolving." Like a flower waiting to bloom, eventually Obama?s support for same-sex marriage would spring full-fledged into existence.

I tried this rhetorical trick on my wife the other day. She asked me to take out the garbage; I told her that my thinking was "evolving" on the subject, and I needed a few more days to complete...