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Time for the Administration To Stop Exploiting Race

Al1997 Wrote: Jun 26, 2012 7:36 PM
This is not going to happen. As long as RACE is a card in the deck, Obama will be riding on that train. For that is who Obama is, get used to it.
One advantage of defeating Barack Obama in November, apart from saving the country from financial ruin and the rest, is that conservatives will presumably be able to criticize liberal policies again without automatically being accused of racism.

These charges aren't just emanating from the fringe groups; they're not just being uttered by radical leftist bloggers or Occupy Wall Street zealots. They are no longer the exclusive province of race hustlers whose professional careers depend on stirring up animosity among racial groups.

In August 2011, the level of polarization seemed to reach a fever pitch, when Congressional Black Caucus Whip Andre Carson said, "Some...