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The Mindset of the Left: Part II

Al1997 Wrote: Jul 18, 2013 3:46 PM
Until all of the producing people decide it is time to hold a Constitutional Convention and fix our broken Constitution there will never be that United States that our Founders created. We have year by year moved further and further into Socialism and now we are where every person really thinks they should be receiving a government paycheck from their working neighbor... We are now a Nation of Bums who are not interested in anything except handouts. No one realizes that there is not one word of Charity in our Constitution. There is no authority for any Food Stamps, Welfare or Subsidies of any type. This has all been created from whole cloth and every politician as been part and parcel of the whole scam. We , the working and taxpaying citizen are the fools for letting this happen to our Nation. The only possible fix is to have a Constitutional Convention and limit all offices of all elected people. One term and you are finished, no repeat terms, ever!! This is the only solution. Politicians are all thieves, regardless of who they are. Power corrupts and continuous power destroys....