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Middle East 'Democracy'

Al1997 Wrote: Apr 04, 2013 4:50 PM
Bush was wrongly assuming that with the ability to choose, the Iraqi people would choose Freedom and Liberty, instead of Slavery to Islam and a Theocracy. But you see, before a person can choose Freedom and Liberty they must, from some experience, have seen this freedom and liberty in action, this was the mistake of GWB. If you have never a seen a rose, then you cannot appreciate the word......

The Obama administration treated the creation of "democracy" in the Middle East as a Good Thing. Ironically, those who created the United States of America viewed democracy with fear-- and created a Constitutional republic instead.

Everything depends on how you define democracy. In its most basic sense, democracy means majority rule. But there can be majority rule in a free country or in a country with an authoritarian or even a dictatorial government.

In this age of sloppy uses of words, many people include freedom in their conception of democracy. But whether democracy leads to freedom is an open...