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The Consequences of Obama's Bungled Mideast Policy

aknowles Wrote: Sep 24, 2012 3:10 PM
Perhaps I am mistaken but if one believes in the Koran, how can they be moderate? Obama is to be pitied. he is an extremely confused man, not sure whether he is a Christian or a muslim. He wrote a very large book "Dreams From My Father" of a man he knew for a month at age ten. For us abetter title would be "Nightmare From My Father". He never mentions, or very, very seldom his mother who died at age 52 of cancer. Was that why he was sent to his grandparents? He never acknowledges his half siblings. Ashamed? Resentful? Hate?

In Libya, U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three colleagues were murdered Tuesday. Earlier that day, protesters in Egypt stormed the U.S. embassy and tore down the American flag.

It was "the day the roof fell in," proclaimed blogger and historian Walter Russell Mead. Barack Obama's "efforts to reconcile the U.S. and moderate Islamism -- in part by distancing the U.S. from Israel -- have angered Israel without reducing Islamist bitterness against the United States."

In other words, his Middle East policies are in shambles. His assumption that a president "who doesn't look like other presidents" would...