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It doesn't matter what the Republicans do or not do this secession. Obama is one good con man. He will destroy this Nation and all those who have enjoyed his freebies will be faced with reality. Obama doesn't have far to go to achieve his agenda.. Let us look at his "advisers". Valeria Jarette, born and schooled in the Middle East. Holder, who makes his own law and uses the President's executive Presentend' s prililege to cloak his guilt. So it wasn't a black man who died from one of the guns of Fast and Furious. Holder successfully played a game with Congress and when he was tired of it, pulled the plug. Haven't heard anything lately have you? As for the single women, Obama is concerned with their health needs?
All well and good but we need solutions. Where are we to find them? Sure within ourselves we think we see the problems and believe the solutions are there for all to see but... We have a president who has succeeding in destroying the Republican party. let us face it. This tax scan is all Obama's. It doesn't matter what the House might try and do, they are defeated. The freebies have been to great for the Republican party to overcome. Yes, the stupid voters who believe their freebies will be there forever are whistling in Dixie.
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Liberals Find out Women Aren’t Amused

aknowles Wrote: Oct 27, 2012 2:30 PM
You know, there has been, still on, a war on women but it is Obama and his minions that have initiated it. Their maim mistake was in think we women were dumb. We, first off, know budgeting. Second, we do understand politics. i must admit a good con line can blind us but only for a short time. However, when it comes to our physical being, get lost. We know what we want, we have a gyn doctor to tell us what we might be in doubt about and we should as heck don't want a fifteen board in Washington, DC seconding guessing our doctor. And especially don't want A Sandra or her lazy cohorts telling us how to play but not pay.
You know what? I am tired of supporting people who hate us! After the murders of our people in Libya and in Yemen, I am more then tired, I am disgusted that American voters approve of this by voting for this man, Obama, who puts every other country, all people, all faiths, before us, the American voter and taxpayer. Just remember, we will be supporting Obama's pension, offices, secret service personnels, and Obama will NOT have Obamacare!
Well, Morphine has ignored the Democratic controlled Congress of the first two years of Obama's reign and also his love of executive order and /or privileges. Also this person is ignoring the fact that the President and his supporters in Congress can't read American English. That is the only reason I can come up with for them ignoring the Constitution and the laws on the books.Of course, we do have Attorney General Holder's constitution but I guess I just can't read the language he uses.
To be guilty of treason, one must betray the Nation. Obama is a selfish, conceited , arrogant sociopath. He won the Nobel Peace Prize before he started his reign, this bespeaks his agenda. Remember his book "Dreams From My Father" about a man who deserted him, went through a bigamous marriage to his mother, knew him for one month at age ten? The nightmares of Obama's father are the cause of the betrayal Obama has committed to the voters who supported him. The betrayal now is from the voters who voted for him and now for their own selfish reasons. Obama is a man who not only doesn't see the destruction he has done to the Nation, but wouldn't care if he did understand it.
And to all, can we be proud Americans and insist all, I mean all, obey our laws? Can we deport all illegals once and for all, pay the price and reinforce our borders so they can't get back? The cost of deportation would be a one time thing and we could make it up in the eduction, medical, welfare benefits we now pay. Would be so bad to feel sorry for ourselves, American citizens first and the rest of the world after tending to the cares of our people? After all, it is the taxpaying citizens who bear the cost. Can't we all be selfish for a change and think Americann first?
I am on a roll. Can we maintain our faith without highing it? Can we obey the dictates of our faith and refuse to allow the government to over rule our beliefs? Can we prepare dinner withou checking with the First Lady? Can we demand our civilian employess in our diplotmatic service have all the protection we can give them? Can we demand that we not borrow money to give to murderers? And can we stop apologizing for being better then others? Can we have a President and Congress members who read their job description? Can we demand that Congress be paid only when in seccesion? Can we demand that when a President goes campaigning he lease a plane and paid the rate or his party? I haven'tseen any sign the DMC is paying the charge.
Two things. One "Logan's Run" had domed cities and people never lived past thirty. Are we headed for that? So... Second, we take out oil from the earth and ocean floors, right? Oil is heaver then water and that is what supposedly fills the ocean holds. Some oil holes on earth are just dry holes. So are we throwing the Earth off balance? Should we go back to horse and buggies? Should we maybe have our Congress members take lie detector tests every six months or before campaigning? How about the President? Gee, can be honest with ourselves? Can we be real patriotic without having to defend our outrage over the give a ways to other countries? Can we feed the people of our country before feeding other countries without guilt?
So are the 47% of voters. They love drinking that Obama-aid.
But Obama is waging war on America and who will come to are aid? Maybe Afghanistan that signed a mutual aid treaty with Obama. Only who will receive the aid? Maybe the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood who issues arrests warrants for American citizens? If they ask for extradition will Obama grant it? Italy tried and indeed did hold a trial our CIA agents in absentee.
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