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The problem is that the ideology behind ISIS is the same as the ideology of 1.6 billion muslims. The ones not actively involved in their war against us are acting in defiance of the koran.
Hence, sensitivity training, gov't pre-school, common core, etc. America as America is gone. The question is not how can we save her but can we resurrect her.
She'll be confirmed. Even if we call or email, holding their feet to the mythical fire, she'll be confirmed. A small faction of conservatives will hold true but most will stand by their fellow elites and vote for her. BOHICA, comrades!
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10 Things to Know for Wednesday

AK Mark Wrote: Jan 28, 2015 1:05 AM
11. Alaska is getting totally screwed by Der Fuhrer. More land stolen, more oil locked up and a congress with no nads won't fight him. Somebody pass us the KY, we're gonna need it.
Breach of protocol! There will be a price to pay! Right Barrack? Barrack?
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Republicans Unanchored

AK Mark Wrote: Jan 23, 2015 10:32 AM
Flagged just becausr I can. And because gw is a liberal schill for die grundung.
So, apparently the mayor of Paris is planning to sue Fox because of their "lies" about "no go" zones in her city. But unless I'm mistaken, Fox was not the only news organization to report on that. Anybody know if the others reported on this?
The danger in any negotiations with muslims is the koranic dictate to deceive non-believers in order to overcome them. And Erdogan is right, there is no "moderate" islam. One that is truly moderate in any sense that you or I would understand or accept cannot, by the definition provided by the koran, be a true muslim.
2000 killed by the followers of the pedophile "prophet " in Nigeria and it barely gets a nod from our media or gov't.
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