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You forgot, he freed the ship from the Somali pirates. Oops, Navy Seals again.
I understand your frustration, but a total collapse would be catastrophic and we may never recover. The issues are not caused by "stupidity" nor are the issues to "complex" to resolve. I don't know a micro sieman from a Doberman Pinscher, but I do recognize the absurdity of requiring mine discharge water to be as pure, or purer than distilled water. The EPA had dedicated itself to serving a very small, but influential group of people. The EPA has lost its way and has become an instrument of tyranny. Remove Obama and demand that the EPA refocus on serving the best interests of the environment in cooperation with all the people. If nothing happens, I suggest extra legal action to force the necessary change. Energy has become that critical.
I think I may be getting closer to understanding what you are trying to say. But, forgive me for asking, have you been drinking. Are you defending capitalism, or socialism. Or, are you trying to explain to the unwashed masses what socialism is all about. I'm confused, but I think you have something to say and I'm just not getting it.
And just who are you "depended" upon right now ... The Volga Boatmen? You must have gone straight to the Kremlin to be so articulate in representing your view. You sound more then a little confused, but here's what we do agree upon. "Socialism understands that the poor is what keeps them in power, so the goal is to keep people poor and depended on government." You are right about that. Keep up the good work.
Correct. I particularly like Sean Penn. His grasp of foreign affairs is exceptionally acute. For domestic spending issues, Susan Sarendan has some very insightful ideas. How about Brad Pitt with a daily column at the WSJ. The word "hypocrite" doesn't even begin to describe these emotional pretenders. For the most part they disgust me. For all their protestations and condemnations of the wealthy, and their loving compassion for the poor, not one of them has given aid in the proportion that would inconvenience their ostentatious existence. For the most part the characters in Hollywood are as shallow and fake as the storefronts in a Clint Eastwood spaghetti western. .
I believe that Blair31 must be a "victacrat sympathizer:" Anyway, thanks for reminding us of the sins of our fathers. I know that I need an occasional lash on my back lest I forget.... When oh when will the whining stop?
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Barack Obama's Bloodiest Scandal

Akitajim Wrote: Apr 17, 2012 8:37 AM
That's right. Plus it was a very soft interview with Big Bill shuffling around her incomplete and dubious answers. She thinks she has connected the dots in a conspiracy but failed miserably. Outside of her beliefs, she has offered no proof other than hearsay. Holder's stonewalling aids Pavich and gives her theory credibility. She obviously has no knowledge of how these cases are handled once they are reviewed by the DOJ and ignores the bureaucratic bungling that most likely occurred. Obama, et.al. are clearly anti-gun but there is no way they could orchestrate this type of a so called "conspiracy." Well meaning people in ATF just screwed up - big time.
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