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Was he given said names in confidentiality or were they simply passed to him in an effort to keep him quite? Either way, did he sign any confidentiality statement? If not then sorry again.
Sorry Jack, FERPA covers student education records, not violation of the law. Vandalism is breaking the law outside of their education. If the same students burned the school down their names would have been released and charged, this is an extreme example but it just shows the difference. Try again.
While I'm thinking about it. I don't think Del Campo picked the closed forum. The university would make that choice for him, then shove what ever it wanted to down his throat. I guess he got filled up. Now the university is going to get some on their foot.
You may be correct about internal investigations, but when you give someone the names of perps what do think is going to happen? He posted them, then was not read his rights but got violated, then got slapped with a gag. Whether this is internal or not it should have been handled differently. The perps should have been dealt with in public as in a hate crime. Which it is, if you follow the way some people apply law.
It's on the internet it has to be true.
To your house. You support them for awhile.
Do you have a tub that big?
And your point is?
Damn You, ban everything.
Or being pulled through.
Its time for her bath, so she is walking through the car wash.
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