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Yes, and affirmative action is the best thing since sliced bread.
You are correct in most of your post, sorry not smoke and mirrors. To use your home as an example. As the life of your loan ages the amount of interest you pay on your home decreases and the principle increases. The payment stays the same. The US debt or rather interest doesn't, it increases and the princple decreases. At the end of 30 years your house will be paid for and you stop making payments. The US debt continues/interests continues. As to the glass/steagall act when it was tossed, it allowed banks to buy brokerage houses and insurance companies and vice versa. I think you are correct with getting rid of the current tax structure. A sales tax implemented on everything would work better 10% across the board so everyone pays illegals/drug dealers/welfare receipants every one pays a simple share
There's only one problem with most people investing it themselves. They won't it will simple be spent and when they hit 65 they will want Social Security without ever contributing. I see people in my job with a good retirement plan that is optional/supplemental to SS and too many do not contribute or under contribute. So what do you do???
Could you be a little more specific.
the_aints, Where do you get your postings. I took a look at your post and they are the same old thing, regurgitated troll dung. Try to stay on topic. I know it is hard, especially after pulling your bag off, to discover a head but not much of a brain. I know Math is hard for you and your fellow trolls.
Did you just take the bag off your head and discover there was a head but not much of a brain? Try to stay on topic. I know it is hard, when you really want to hijack a thread but do try. I have read several of your post along with another trolls and neither of you stay on topic.
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