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The Jacksonian-Jeffersonian Vote

Akennas55 Wrote: Apr 30, 2012 8:24 PM
Rubbish - Marco Rubio is most certainly a natural born citizen. Take your ignorance of the Constitution elsewhere!

SOUTH PARK, PA-John Opfar sat in the front row of a short riser at Consol Energy's South Park R&D facility just before Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney took to a makeshift stage.

Opfar, 31, is a safety inspector at Bailey Mine, 40 miles south in Greene County, in what can only be described as an engineering marvel -- the country's largest underground coal mine. He said he likes what he hears from Romney, doesn't think Romney is at all like the descriptions in most press accounts, and cannot wait to vote for him: "He talks about what is best for the...