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Obama's Insurance Exchange Nightmare

akbass Wrote: Nov 27, 2012 2:30 AM
You're either blissfully ignorant or a hopelessly rabid ideologue. I worked for the commercial insurance industry for 14 years and am now a freelance writer for that industry, and you don't have to dig very deep into the dialogue going on in the insurance industry to know that this monstrosity IS indeed a game changing nightmare for the industry. "ObamaCare changes NOTHING to current insurance..."?? Are you kidding? It changes EVERYTHING. In fact, if you'd do just a little homework, you'd see that nearly ALL of the law has to do with changes in how health insurance is provided, and NOTHING whatsoever to do with real healthcare reform or addressing the real cost drivers in healthcare. NOTHING! Get a clue, man.

When the Supreme Court upheld ObamaCare as a tax last summer, President Obama may have thought he could breathe a little easier. But now with the implementation of the law, Obama is just beginning his war with the states that refuse to implement ObamaCare exchanges needed for the legislation to work properly or at least, quickly.

The Obama administration faces major logistical and financial challenges in creating health insurance exchanges for states that have declined to set up their own systems.

The exchanges were designed as the centerpiece of President Obama’s signature law,...