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The hackers are treating mid-night like it's New Years eve.
That's it - you're still talking about Bush. You better hope your denial about the Messiah lasts a little longer - the next stage is depression.
Just so you know - Bush hasn't been President for the last 5 years.
Goldilocks = lemming in permanent state of denial despite overwhelming evidence that "Hope and Change" is a colossal failure It became no longer politics with him - Obama is now his Savior. In another time he would have gone to Guyana with Jim Jones.
Pretty deep from a guy with a "Re-elect Nancy Pelosi" bumper sticker.
Accomplishments: Flamed racial tensions to a level not seen since the sixties. Created (with the help of Hillary) a powder keg in the Middle-east about to explode. Permanently brought the economy to an anemic level not seen since Carter. Created a permanent class of dependent citizens with out of control social programs. Doubled the National debt. Brought to Washington a corruption level not seen since US Grant What a guy!
What did they expect from a web site that Nancy Pelosi, that logical, clear thinking genius, wrote the specifications for?
Disagree - they're not capable of thinking matters through. You can lead them through the though process and they still don't get it. Liberals and logic are like oil and water.
Didn't do any hiking or climbing - just the typical tourist stuff. Clear blue sky the day we were there - it was indescribable. Since they charge a fee to get in, with thousands of visitors every day - don't see how they are saving money by closing. I'm sure the state of Utah would be happy to take it over.
Been to Zion - absolutely spectacular. A not to you liberal jerks - your Messiah didn't create it, doesn't own and will someday rot in hell for his self serving actions. There will be a place there reserved for all of you that know the truth about this man and aid and abet him in his destructive mission.
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