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It's Important To Understand Why Romney Won

ajb3 Wrote: Oct 09, 2012 12:20 PM
Be careful what you wish for ... There may be advantages to a divided government, but it won't be able to undo the damage already done (Obamacare, e.g.) when we had an undivided government in 2009-2011. The train is running down the wrong track. If we had a divided government four years ago, maybe the train would still be stuck at the station. But now that it's heading full speed in the wrong direction, a divided crew with Obama at the controls isn't going to do what's needed to stop it or even slow it down.
Understanding why Mitt Romney so decisively won the first presidential debate is as important as the fact that he did. Why? Because once we know the reasons, almost everything about President Barack Obama and this election becomes clear.

First, Obama lost because he, like virtually the entire left, lives in a left-wing bubble.

Left-wing academics live in this bubble. There is no greater uniformity of thought than at our universities; their much-ballyhooed commitment to diversity is about race and ethnicity, not about ideas.

So, too, the great majority of news media people live in the same bubble, the left-wing herd that covers national and...

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