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No matter how much they pretend to be journalists, in the end they keep revealing that they're party spokespeople.
"Her: Well, it looks fake to me" OK, be honest. How many of you would have gotten yourself thrown off the flight by making a response that starts with "Well, so do your ..."
Yes, I hope the judge asks Holder (or whatever DOJ attorney) why they consider it to be harder for an African-American to obtain ID than anybody else. I'm not sure how they could credibly answer a question like that.
Requiring an ID for Sudafed discriminates against sinus-challenged African-Americans and therefore probably violates not only the 14th Amendment but also the Americans With Disabilities Act. This law must be struck down.
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RIP Louis Zamperini

ajb3 Wrote: Jul 05, 2014 12:55 PM
Interesting fact from the L.A. Times obit: "[Zamperini] was fit enough to be picked as grand marshal of the 2015 Rose Parade.... A Tournament of Roses spokeswoman said Thursday that Zamperini will be honored at the 2015 parade. No grand marshal will be named to replace him."
I mean--did his record for saves come because his team gave him a record for save *opportunities*?
OK, I don't know much about soccer, but ... does that fact that Tim Howard set a record for saves say more about Tim Howard's ability, or that the rest of the defense wasn't doing their job?
Well, I've been fed up with them since approximately January 21, 2009. But if it's possible to be "fedder up", or "fedupper", or something, I'm that.
Actually, he's probably right now searching for the missing e-mails, which he thinks are somewhere in the sand trap on hole 11. (Which, coincidentally, is the same place OJ was looking for the real killers.)
I don't think the U.S. could simply "adopt a law" like Christine says--it would require a Constitutional amendment to negate the clear language of the Fourteenth Amendment.
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