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"It's strange China is putting such an emphasis on improving a sports team when there are so many other things that the country could strive to fix." -- But it's predictable when you give one leader too much power. The leader's personal annoyances and pet peeves become the country's top priority.
Actually, I might have signed the petition--if I could be guaranteed that the citizens to be deported were members of the Executive Branch, starting from the top.
Instead of postponing their exams, I think Columbia should just graduate them with honors. After all, they've succeeded in writing a mound of tripe that persuaded the administration to give them what they want--and isn't the exact thing they're being trained for, as future lawyers? They don't need more classes, they're ready to start defending murderers and suing innocent businesses now. OK, maybe I've gotten a tad cynical...
Does Columbia have fraternities? If so, fraternity members should complain that they've been distressed by the unjust smear on their reputation by the untrue Rolling Stone article, and demand to have their own exams postponed.
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FDA Finalizes Menu Labeling Rules

ajb3 Wrote: Nov 25, 2014 6:03 PM
There's an American Pizza Community?!? Cool! So how come there's no American Bacon Community? When do we start one?
Definitely the latter. She thinks she can get away with it because she believes her voters are stupid.
So you think his knowledge is half-vast?
They keep telling me that I shouldn't eat sea bass because it's overfished! I guess they meant "you can't have it because we need to reserve it all for the IMPORTANT people"?
So far all the reports of voting machine irregularities I've seen seem to have the machines favoring Democrats. That sounds bad, but there's another plausible explanation: the technical glitches are non-partisan and go both ways, but Democratic voters aren't reporting problems because they don't really pay much attention to whom they're voting for. Which would also explain how Obama got elected twice.
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