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Is Our President a Bit of a Jerk?

AJA100hi Wrote: Sep 03, 2012 1:49 PM
If he was raised in Honolulu and the locals felt his arrogance, his personal insecurities would be understandable. The conversation would have gone something like this: "Eh brah, you tink you mo'bettah than us? If so, you an me, we go ou'side, I goin brok you mout". This probably happened, many times. If not, it should have.
cancze Wrote: Sep 03, 2012 2:05 PM
Oh my God, the TH intelligentsia goes nuclear and all they need is a simple leading question. Very entertaining.
bgmk Wrote: Sep 03, 2012 2:18 PM
The Observant Student will note CanCan's pronounced lack of an actual REBUTAL here. One supposes his/her "but" is busy elsewhere.
At law school, few people knew Barack Obama really well, and I wasn't one of them, although we did have some dealings when we overlapped The Harvard Law Review.

But in the run up to the convention, it's clear that there are people who have had extensive dealings with him -- and they don't like him very much.  Two themes have emerged from news coverage in the last two days, and they are revealing:

(1) He's selfish: