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Why doesn't Immelt move all of GE to China, if he thinks that China is so great!! He has the power to move things off-shore and he seems like he has the desire, to do so. GO!!!
Has everyone forgotten about the poor souls who have passed on BEFORE even collecting a penny of what they have contributed to SS, Medicare or any other social programs? I wonder if the government expects a whole lot of people to contribute $$ but not be able to collect anything they contributed? I really hope that all of you live a long, long life
So you think that with more taxes paid in by all, your income will go up? Hmmmm, okay,bright person!!!!! You are so very smart. I hope you pay a lot more taxes!!!
Oh, so now he is blaming that growing up in Hawaii made him lazy. OK you Hawaiians, start chiming in about his insinuation that laziness is part of growing up in Hawaii, boy, talk about pupule.
Naw, she loves to get that beating, she is a masochist. It's happened before.
We must be ALWAYS VIGILANT and never, ever let our guard down!!! The obama camp will not be letting up!!! They will not let up even after the election. Do not be appease them and be complacent. They cannot be trusted.
I know that "terrorists" actually killed 4 Americans in Benghazi, but someone in the administration allowed this to happen by not protecting our people there. I believe that there must be an appropriate punishment for the responsible party or parties. The same must happen for those responsible for the Fast 'n Furious debacle. These acts must not ever go unpunished!!!! Stupidity is not acceptable!!! "Not my fault" is not acceptable!! "I don't who" is not acceptable!!!
I believe that with the Romney's win, Nov. 7, 2012 will be, immediately, the beginning of the resurrection of our economy, because businesses and those of use who support R/R, will know the direction we are headed, IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION.
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This Attitude is Part of the Problem

AJA100hi Wrote: Sep 18, 2012 1:38 PM
To bring this down to it's most simplistic form, think of this, there are 2 sectors, private and government. The private sector can get along and function without government. The private sector can create income on it's own. The government CANNOT get along without the private sector because it cannot create income it's own. It must rely on the private sector for money. Who owns whom?
When someone from the private sector pays $1 into the gov't sector, that $1 is paid to a government employee as salary, that government employee then pays $.50 in taxes back to the government. Now the government says that it now has $1.50? Really, it still is $1 originally paid into gov't sector.
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