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Obama's Relationship With Iowa Could Be On The Rocks

aj59 Wrote: Nov 06, 2012 4:03 PM
Gotta love it! Heard my hubby talking on the phone to his buddy who is not going to vote today - but that's a good thing cause the guy would not have voted for Romney. However, it was the O himself who forfeited that vote because the buddy is a hard-core coal miner from WV. So, my hubby is listening to this guy's wife in the background whining about Romney and how America will change for the worse if elected - ok they're swell people ASIDE from their politics. At any rate, she went to the polls and found out there was a 2-hour wait; guess what? She didn't feel like standing in line for 2 hours so she turned around and went home without voting!!! Let's hope there are a lot more Obama voters just like her!!!!!!!!

Tonight, it’s very possible that for Obama, once again, it all comes down to Iowa. It carries the same potential to make or break him as the first time he ran four years ago. Last night, Obama got emotional as he delivered closing remarks in Des Moines. He reflected on his 2008 campaign with a tone of nostalgia and teared up when talking about his first campaign office, which was located near last night’s rally. Even though Hillary Clinton received criticism and had her leadership abilities questioned when she grew emotional campaigning during her presidential bid, Obama’s moment has...