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Since the new guy is black, this is going to be just another case of racisim on the part of Issa and his committee. Which means nothing will be done, nothing will be said, and everybody will go home happy and content with their six-figure salaries, cushy pensions, and fat expense accounts. I hope Bear Trax is right and come 2017 the criminals responsible will go to jail where they belong.
Terry Lynn Land has a good chance of beating that POS Gary Peters (who voted FOR obamacare as a U.S. Rep) here in Michigan. Do anything and everything you can to support her, so we ensure she ends the 50+ year reign of the America-destroying democrats in Michigan! BTW, I LOVE the fact Ms. Boonstra didn't let Gary's campaign intimidate her into silence. Her second commercial for AFP takes on his LIES about her, and definitely speaks the truth about what she's going through.
I wish they would too - then maybe, just maybe, the democrat party would be destroyed FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Logically speaking, since SCOTUS has ALREADY ruled corporations do indeed have 1st Amendment freedoms (Citizens' United and freedom of speech) I don't see how they can now rule otherwise for the other half of the very same amendment. But then again, logic dictated that obamacare should have been thrown out last summer and we all know how that turned out.
"It is bewildering why the government claims there is no link between exposure to depleted uranium and severe health problems such as the development of tumors in young healthy people." It's not bewlidering at all if one conisders the history of human experimentation by the U.S. government, specifically the NHS. For example, 1932 - Tuskegee Syphilis Study, 1935 - The Pellegra Incident, 1940's intentional infection of prisoners with Malaria, 1945 - PaperClip incident......jumping all the way up to 1996 when the Department of Defense admitted Desert Storm soldiers were indeed exposed to chemical agents. Go to for the complete listing. Doesn't surprise me at all the VA is denying these men were exposed to anything at all. If they did, they'd probably have to admit to another intentional exposure so they could "study" the effects of such agents. And then they'd have to pay the medical bills as well. What does surprise me is the treatment veterans receive from the VA is well known to all, so why ANY American would support obamacare, which is nothing but another VA program meant for "civilians", is beyond me.
This is SO TOTALLY NOT about other belief systems. This is ONLY about gay folks who run Ferndale, not wanting any Christians teaching their children. Might get in the way of the indoctrination, or cause a problem for the school board when they want to insert all kinds of gay propaganda into their kindergarten ciriculum.
"Political correctness is the downfall of this country." Very true......
Ferndale is the gayest city in Michigan. Doesn't surprise me one bit they wouldn't want any Christians teaching their children.
All his bills should be sent to Harry Reid, San Fran Nan, and the whole democrat party. They should be the ones who pay, out of their own dam pockets, since it was these morons who voted this dispicable piece of toilet paper into law.
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aj59 Wrote: Mar 19, 2014 9:10 AM
Too right, Sloan, but the time to demand new leadership is AFTER we've won the Senate. If we do not win the Senate, it really won't matter; the damage will be done and we will suffer the fate EXACTLY as Dr. Sowell describes.
The POS should take his own advice and reprioritize the toilet paper he comes up with that supposed to suffice as a budget.
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