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And then we call all watch, via YOUTUBE, him cry like a baby and wet his pants when Hamas terrorists behead him.
Their heads would also explode if this kid walked into a party store and wanted to buy a package of cigarrettes. ABSOLUTELY NO WAY any liberal POS would condone underage smoking, but underage abortions? Sure, why not?
This Catholic DID NOT elect that POS.
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BREAKING: SCOTUS Sides With Hobby Lobby

aj59 Wrote: Jun 30, 2014 4:23 PM
Catholics don't allow for vasectomies, either, so your argument fails for us.
I surely hope I'm around when Karma punches obama in the face, because it just might need some help.
Sorry, the mistake that was made was not making Iraq an American colony. We should have gone in there, taken over their country, stabilized it, and then built a base there where our people could maintain, and take care of our interests, while keeping everybody safe. We did it in Japan and Germany, after WWII and WE'RE STILL THERE with a big presence. Had we done that, and had we allowed our military to carry out that mission, without hindrance from a moron who wouldn't know his backside from a hole in the ground, Iraq would be a safe, stable place right now. But Americans are too cowardly to do it, and there isn't a soul in politics who'd risk his cushy job to do it either. I'm not saying we become dictators of Iraq, I'm just saying we should have done what was done after WWII. Too late now, and every Marine, soldier and sailor has died in vain, thanks to the POS now residing in the WH. And all the souls who will die in the future terrorist attacks in this county, will be on his head.
"something the largely uneducated crowd here is VERY uncomfortable with" He's not real educated either, Mud. One of his other posts was criticizing your English; or at least I think he was, since that was about all I could understand of his post. Seems to me he's nothing but your typical liberal moron, projecting his worst qualities onto others.
Apparently you really are stupid - not flinging "ad hominem" attacks, just stating the truth as I see it. Mud's English is perfectly understandable to anyone with an ounce of intelligence. Guess that's why you can't understand him......
He doesn't have any facts.....just the foolish babble running around in his head, that he spews as facts.
EXCELLENT point, Bitter......
Duke that POS biotch CHOOSES to IGNORE the truth. Don't bother wasting your breath on such worthless trash.
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