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Redistribution: What it Means and Where it Leads

AJ4USA Wrote: Sep 20, 2012 4:46 PM
I know that if all of this country's wealth was cashed out and everyone was given an equal amount, and then if a free market system was re-instated, the same people who had money before would get it back and the poor would lose theirs. It's the effort and know how that creates wealth. Look at most poor lottery winners or even college educated sports stars. They get their millions and before you know it, they are in bankruptcy court.

We now have exhibition 4,003 to prove that, at bottom, Barack Obama’s agenda is and has always been socialistic to the core.

The most recent piece of evidence confirming what, by now, everyone should know all too well is an audio recording of a speech the President delivered at a Loyola University conference back in 1998. It was there and then that Obama called for Americans to “pool resources” in order to “facilitate some redistribution [.]” He unabashedly declared: “I actually believe in redistribution.”

When we couple this with Obama’s now notorious claim that the successful did nothing to...