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Lance Confesses on Oprah's Couch

airstart Wrote: Jan 19, 2013 4:49 PM
Why do people put so much emphasis on sports any way. Starting in preschool through college into the pro's. Really is there not better ways to spend our resources. We wind up with college graduates that can barely read, the population spends billions, the whole thing is usually a corrupt scam that becomes an obsession. I seriously am sick of sorting through voluminous sources media "entertainment" outlets to find anything worth while. This is what Americans do, and we wonder how Obama can win re-election.

Another day. Another scandal. Another high-profile celebrity sits on Oprah’s couch to express contrition and to try to resuscitate his image. Today it’s Lance Armstrong, but tomorrow it will be someone else, which is why I believe it’s time to say enough. No more free passes for our children’s role models.

I don’t know Lance Armstrong personally, but apparently nobody else really does either. What I did know was the same constructed fairy tale that he sold all of us: the inspirational story of a young cyclist who nearly died from cancer and was resurrected through the miracles of modern medicine...