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Prior is an Obama groupee, his local campaign adds never mention anything about how much he supports the lib/progressive Obama agenda, he concentrates on attack adds against Tom Cotton, his opponent. He has done nothing but vote with Scarry Hairy Reid to further the Obama program of destroy America.
The most memorable Geraldo moment was his interview with a wrestler before the sport reorganized as the wrestling federations we know today. The fore runner was an exhibition mostly fake more so than today. Geraldo accused this guy of phonyness and the wrestler sent him on his way with multiple bruises and lacerations about his face & head, all the time asking him if it was fake.
Just brain dead. If there's blind and stupid involved here Geraldo leads the pack.
The mission is not defined, the creep is in the White House when he's not on the golf coarse
Open border is not ideological, it's idiotical, some of these folks at the seat of gov't are so stupid they couldn't function in the real world where most don't have a private group of staffers to take responsibility for their life.
Maybe the court should just convene a grand jury and charge obama for negligent homicide, dereliction of duty and other crimes.
Should be renamed the Clinton Family Left Pocket Foundation for the What does it Matter at this Point Indigent Former President Cooperative.
The U of Nevada must be Harry Reid's alma mater. Any university that coughs up that kind of bread for a Hillary speech, must offer the degrees dirty Harry holds. An under graduate in bad opinions and a Masters of Stupid.
Obama gave away the farm again. With enemies like Obama, the Taliban don't even need friends. What would a shady used car salesman give for a string of customers like Obama.
The pathetic truth in all this is the headline. The elites were either clueless or complicit, still are and will continue to be so as long as Ob' Lobotomy is POTUS
Even ol' Bag dad Bob Carney may have a conscience proves that all things are possible with God. Will be interesting to see which net work he winds up on and how reality based his upcoming book is.
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