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Re: Fidel Castro Denounces 'Fascist' Israel’s 'Genocide' of Palestinians The sentence at the end of your article makes no sense whatsoever. "Political power does interest me in the least. I will never assume such power.” (Fidel Castro, April 1959.) I believe that the author meant to quote Castro correctly, but the words "power does interest me in the least..." should have been "doesn't. It seems that your publication no longer bothers with editors or any sort of proofreading. I realize that newspapers around the country no longer seem to care whether the English language is grammatically correct and I don't know whether to blame the schools, including colleges. They no longer seem to teach English grammar, but the sheer laziness of so called journalist is just unacceptable. Is there any wonder that newspapers and magazines are dying. does no one understand the concept of spell and grammar check? By the way, this is not the first time I've written to you about this problem, but the courtesy of a response is also non existent. Shame on the laziness that is so evident. Fred Speckmann commonsenseforamericans@yahoo.com
Dear Miss Coulter, It's not often that I am even in slight disagreement with you, but this column was just a little rough on the volunteers that go to the pits of the earth. While everything you wrote in your usual superb sarcasm and dare I say even a little cynicism, there is a need to try and bring civility and some modern medicine to the darkest parts of the world. It is A Christian duty to help the most desperate of this world. There is no question that you are correct that some may do this type of volunteer work out of reasons other than just be willing to share their knowledge with others in those parts of the world, it is also true that the numbers that volunteer there are indeed few. Yes, there is no doubt that we have plenty of needy people here in the U.S., and more should be done to help them. On the other hand, just like the governments of those "other" countries are the root cause of their problems, so is it true right here in the U.S. and it's getting worse daily because of our incompetent, so called leadership. We had and despite the best efforts of this administration still have the best health care system in the world at least for now. Do you honestly believe that we can't spare a couple hundred medical professionals? as you have often said, we live in a free country and therefore this doctor and nurse had the right to fulfill whatever need they saw wherever they saw that need. Keep up the good work Ann, but please let this one go. Respectfully yours, Fred Speckmann commonsenseforamericans@yahoo.com
I'm not quite sure why you felt it necessary to insult Pet Rocks with the comparison. LOL Fred Speckmann commonsenseforamericans@yahoo.com
You like many others today assume that Brand actually has a brain. Fred Speckmann commonsenseforamericans@yahoo.com
A truly brilliant reply. The trouble is that now I can't get the words and melody out of my brain. Fred Speckmann commonsenseforamericans@yahoo.com
Re: 3706, You are right on point. Unfortunately snobs like Mr. Greenberg are incapable of understanding satire. They are simply too brilliant to understand it and therefore must attack anyone who is capable of writing and understanding is. Fred Speckmann commonsenseforamericans@yahoo.com
And your proof of your allegations would be what? Although you may be correct, it is absurd for you to make these kinds of allegations without providing some evidence. it is always incumbent upon the accuser to provide evidence if they want to be taken seriously. Fred speckmann commonsenseforamericans@yahoo.com
I'm sorry to say that Castro has not yet met his maker for his just punishment.
Re: ericynot1, It's always good to provide links to your claims, however I must question whether you actually watched and listened to the clip. Defending Polanski, is all she did during the entire clip by talking about other societies and what they considered rape. I wonder what golberg or you for that matter would have to say if your 13 year old daughter was drugged and given champagne and then raped. yes, sex with a 13 year old, whether she "agrees" or not at one time or another is rape. Even that twit Joy Behar agreed. What is sad is that Goldberg's opponent in this debate seemed to feel intimidated by Goldberg, but to her credit she stuck to her opinion. Fred speckmann commonsenseforamericans@yahoo.com
It has been a problem with this site for a long time. their IT people either are incompetent or just don't care. My solution has been to write my comment on a word program and then cut and paste.
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