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Paramount Bans "Team America" Showings

airfredd22 Wrote: Dec 18, 2014 11:05 PM
Theatres bid on films for a certain number of weeks on a percentage of gross ticket sales. The longer a film remains in a theatre the lower the percentage after the first term. It used to be 6 week cycles, but I'm pretty sure it's shorter now. this form of payment is the reason that refreshment sales are so important and prices so high. Without those sales theatres wouldn't make any money at all. Fred Speckmann commonsenseforamericans@yahoo.com
Dear Mr. Ransom, I believe you have a slight miscalculation in your math, the Nazis declared war 73 years ago. I'm 66 and was born in Germany in 1948.a few years after the war was over. Fred Speckmann
Re: Cam25, First of all, there is no such clause in the Constitution that states "separation of Church and State." The Establishment Clause to which you are referring states that , "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof." Since the Constitution was written and voted to be the supreme law of this nation, many federal judges who are anti-Christian have found reasons to rule against th practice of religion in their hats. Or perhaps in some orifice or other. Sadly, at times this has included some progressive liberal supreme Court Justices. Frankly, it has become very doubtful if some of those judges have ever read the Constitution. It has certainly become very clear that few of them understand it. Of course when it comes to our elected politicians, there is no doubt at all as to their acquaintance with the Constitution. If they had such an acquaintance they would have to rip up 90% of the federal laws that have been past in the last 100 years. To clarify any misunderstanding as to the meaning of the Establishment Clause, it means that no governmental body in the United States has the right to inflict any form of religion upon the citizens, but more than that, it has absolutely no right whatsoever to interfere with the practice of religion anyplace and anytime by anyone in this once great nation, period,end of sentence and end of this absurd argument against religious practices by citizens of the United States. Fred Speckmann commonsenseforamericans@yahoo.com
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Making Sense

airfredd22 Wrote: Oct 16, 2014 6:46 PM
Mr. Reagan, you are right on point. A few corrections however, the word homeland in german would be Heimat. This would be a slightly different form than fatherland which in german is Vaterland. having been born in germany myself, I too have always felt slightly uncomfortable when I see the word homeland used. I started to feel uncomfortable when I first heard of Homeland Security. What was wrong with National Security? as it is being used more and more this negative historical feeling becomes stronger and stronger. You have made your point well and hopefully in time to make all the citizens of this great nation remember that we live in the United states of America and not in the Homeland. Fred speckmann commonsenseforamericans@yahoo.com
Re: du2, While I understand that some people are atheist or agnostics, I would ask you, do you really believe that any person who says "God bless you
Re: Tinsldr2, You have a good point by your statement, "1) She worked there a few weeks and quit? Didn't complain to a higher supervisor?" However, you are incorrect in the following sentence. "2) She is on her bosses dime. Off duty she can say what she wants. At work she has to say the company line or get another job. As the article states, there were no restrictions regarding the words "God bless you." While I agree somewhat with the concept of being on your bosses time and that a boss has the right to give directions as to how customers are addressed, but to say have a nice day or "God bless you" normally don't fall into restricted territory. If that phrase was prohibited initially upon employment, that would be a different matter. When you restrict it as a matter of political correctness, then it becomes a prohibition on free speech. Sadly, in today's PC environment, a judge especially in New Jersey may very well hold in favor of the Turnpike authority and deny this lady the right to say "God bless you." I wish all of you a nice day and God bless everyone of you. Fred Speckmann commonsenseforamericans@yahoo.com
The part dealing with the Alaska races was the most confusing piece I've ever read. At the end of the piece I still had no idea as to who was supporting whom. and what the authors opinion was about the matter. Maybe I'm just not up on Alaska politics, but an article should make it easy for even an old guy like me can understand. Fred Speckmann commonsenseforamericans@yahoo.com
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Iraq PM Says No Foreign Troops

airfredd22 Wrote: Sep 22, 2014 9:21 PM
This is another perfect example of the world having turned upside down. We entered into a war against Iraq and we won. To have to ask Iraq's permission to secure Iraq is insane. Did we ask germany's or japans permission to make sure that those countries no longer were able to cause problems after WWII? Let's stop this politically correct begging for permission to do what is in the security interest of the United States and engage in the only required Constitutional actions to protect our nation. Of course that would require the President to act in conformity with his oath to act as the Constitution dictates. Fred Speckmann commonsenseforamericans@yahoo.com
I"m sorry but I must point out that we live in a politically correct world, but that has little to do with the emotional impact of the video. The bottom line is that our military is voluntary and that choice was made by the mother. Whether we agree or disagree with women and especially mothers of young children serving should be a different debate and really has no place regarding this video. Traditionally women have served as nurses, doctors and support personnel and deserve our respect as does any woman that serves in whatever position is acceptable to the military. As a personal note, allow me to add that I am not in favor of women serving in potential combat positions with the exception of qualified pilots as their personal body strength is seldom a factor. However there is still the possibility of capture due to a shootdown and that is a concern for us all. Fred speckmann commonsenseforamericans@yahoo.com
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Immigration Is American

airfredd22 Wrote: Sep 19, 2014 10:58 PM
John Stossel is correct as far as his point goes. No reasonable American, (I am a legal immigrant from Germany here over 55 years) objects to legal immigrants. we are dealing with tow entirely seperate issues. Legal and illegal immigration. They need to dealt with as two completely seperate problems. First let's address illegal immigrants. Pure and simple, they have broken the law of the United States by entering and remaining here without proper authorization. What part of illegal don't people understand? The second issue is as John Stossel states, we need to open legal immigration to a greater number of applicants. If agriculture needs more hands to harvest crops, then make it possible for people to enter legally. If we need more computer programmers from whatever country can supply them, then make it legal to enter to a greater number. Not very difficult to understand. As usual, the problem lies with our federal politicians. for many reasons they will not address this problem and if we bother to look for a reason then we will see corruption and stupidity at the root of the problem. Of course that particular disease of stupidity and corruption is at the root of most of our problems. Throw the political bums out of office. Fred Speckmann commonsenseforamericans@yahoo.com
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