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really - we don't base our foreign policy on the desires of muslems countries though, do we? Only what Israel wants.
Frank- if they are Jewish then they are good people. You should vote for them.
Yes Frank, accusing me of being anti-semitic makes you an ahole.
Frank, ahole. Prove that I am. Are you a racist because you notice blacks are liberal for the most part? Why so touchy about the sacredness of Jews? Do you even know that the Jews you love aren't really the Jews you think you're talking about?
Okay let's test you: DB07 - did you notice that Israel never actually helps us in any of our wars so the saying that they are "Our Greatest Ally" is just silly?
psydoc - didn't you just give us some? Are you senile already? Let me guess, you've never heard of Tom Wolfe because he's not on Fox News...
Because cons make fun of Canadians for being socialists. Which is true but that's what's funny about quoting Canadians when you also make fun of them. Do you get what I'm on aboot?
Baby Boomers did do great things. They are also known as the "Me Generation" and for good reason.
Anytime you people want to break the Liberals' main source of power, The Federal Goliath, you can join the Libertarians, paleos and Constitutionalists. Fill the Houses with genuine American Patriots and cut the power source in DC. Have as many law, tax, and welfare debates as you want but have them at the state and local levels where they belong.
Of course, the foodstampers paid NOTHING into it but still... The welfare recipients overseas are to blame as well...
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