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[Video] Colion Noir Slams Anti-Gunners for Failing to Address Real Epidemic of Violence in America

aintnobodygottimeforthat Wrote: Sep 26, 2013 7:50 PM
Actually it's very simple: (1) get an education - it may be dismal these days - but it's free (and with affirmative action - they are guaranteed a place at college) (2) don't become a single parent (3) get and keep a job (education helps) if you are qualified, with quotas, you'll get hired before a white person will. These simple things keep anyone from a life of poverty and hoodlumdom I know blacks that are professionals with their kids in private schools and those that are on welfare - bitter, perpetual victims of the "white man", felons, etc... - never taking responsibility for their lot in life. Sadly, the statistics point to the latter as being the preponderance for their race. Hence the astronomical #'s associated with crime in their communities and inflicted in others. Again - whites can discuss this all they want - the black community views them as illegitimate to speak to their plight. Clearly, their black leaders enjoy the place they keep them in, their guaranteed vote and all....