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Hey libs...these are your peeps. Embrace the suck.
Can't stop laughing...
Didn't we need to secure his release like totally freakin ASAP because of his rapidly declining health, like he was near death of something? Its probably going to take the border agent who contracted bacterial pneumonia longer then six weeks to get back to work, if he ever actually does.
And thankfully most aren't breeding, you know abortions are awesome and all. But I would wager most of these challenged thinkers are college professors education the future leftist army.
No one should wonder what the real agenda is. Open Borders. TAXPAYER funded free stuff. I'd have an ounce of espect for these communists if they were simply honest.
Please...this is a red herring. Its not hard to find this bill and read it. Originally, it was championed by Biden in 2000 and signed by Clinton. It was REAUTHORIZED in 2008 with funding until 2011 by lame duck Bush. It was again REAUTHORIZED in 2013 by Obama. The law stipulates that OTM minors and young adults are to be detained in a safe and secure manned until their hearing. After all, as presumed victims of trafficking and the sex trade, we would not want to release them into the hands of smugglers and predators. We know they are releasing this current invasion and none will report for deportation hearing. Not one. Its a joke. So, if they want to cite this law, they arent even following it.
Leftist soccer moms: The new diseases that little Suzie will contract this coming fall is one thing, but when little Johhny gets held a knifepoint for his iPhone and tennis shoes...then will you rethink your ridiculous misguided compassion?
Reported today thay 50,000 more are en route from El Salvador. They are being told that if they reach Texas....they will, be transported to sunny CA. And....all these central american countries are issuing visas for their passage. Mexico too. Collusion anyone?
Potential....hardly. Listened to an interview today with a healthcare worker from a center in Texas. She quit because she was threatened if she went public with all the diseases she was treating...active TB, measles, leprosy, chicken pox, swine flu, whooping cough....and this was what she could see or what was revealed. Not to mention the mental issues. She knewn they were knowingly releasing them and was threatened with arrest if she exposed it.
Uh, no they won't El Lurchodoro. They are already being "processed" and released. SoCal border agent confirmed today they they aren't even giving them court dates. They tell them "we'll mail you info"....yeah, right, like these kids have a stinking address. They are here to stay....infectious diseases and all.
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