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Let's Talk About Sex, Responsibly

ahayes Wrote: Dec 01, 2012 8:00 PM
It's not the school's job it's the parents' job. On the other hand parents need to realize teenagers will have sex, they're defiant sh-theads that have been doing the exact opposite of what their parents have been telling them for millenia ESPECIALLY when it comes to when their parents say 'don't have sex'. Plan for it or pay for it.

Have you heard about the holiday gift some American girls could be getting? Emergency contraception!

During Thanksgiving week the American Academy of Pediatrics announced their recommendation that "morning- after" prescriptions be issued to adolescent girls in advance of need, as a matter of routine.

"There's no good reason" to disagree with the recommendation, the San Francisco Chronicle asserts. But there are actually plenty of them.

Besides being deeply insulting to the dignity of adolescents, this approach exposes the reality that when we talk about sex, we all too often put good health and sense aside. "Women's health" routinely assumes promiscuity, whatever the age, despite...