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Roberts Court Takes On Obama Dragoons

ahayes Wrote: Jun 29, 2012 7:43 AM
As far as coercing the states into medicaid expansion the feds just have to freeze the standard medicaid budget and let inflation and increased population do the work so they have to take the bonus funds if they want to survive.
At least in federal parks you can cut your own firewood which at least lets the people using the campgrounds help contribute a little to keeping the forest from imploding. State parks won't let you do it even if it's criminally negligent to leave a tree as it is.
Unfortunately most of the wood that's burning looks like this:
Even if the federal government wanted to it couldn't. The feds use the national parks as collateral borrows from other countries. If we tried to give it back to the states it would start WWIII with China.
I know EXACTLY what caused these fires. The pine beetles have been killing trees in colorado and southern Wyoming for several years now resulting in huge swaths of dead pine trees. NONE of these trees can be harvested for lumber. The only way to properly manage this problem is to take the infected and dead trees, put them in a pile and burn them. Since we haven't done that nature has decided to do that for itself. Furthermore why the heck does the forest service even need this stuff? Wouldn't it be better for the much better funded military to have these tank vehicles given that not only do they have the cash but they would also have more use given that being able to put out fires in other countries might come in handy for the army.
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