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Why Another Terroristan?

Ahadhaamoratsim Wrote: Oct 11, 2012 5:19 PM
Yes, the effort to re-brand the terrorists as a “peace partner” has cost U.S. taxpayers billions. And it has cost the Israelis even more, in terms of lost lives, lost money, lost productivitiy, and diverting money, time and effort to security and defense that could be put to other uses. Some of us warned that Oslo was a bad idea and should not be signed. How I wish we had been mistaken. The truth was obvious from the beginning, to anyone willing to see.

You could not have a better example of moral equivalence than a column written by Steve Clemons in The Atlantic Magazine’s online version. Clemons reviews the always interesting history of President Harry Truman’s bold decision in 1948 to defy the State Department—and especially his hand-picked Sec. of State, Gen. George C. Marshall. Truman had said that Gen. Marshall was the greatest living American. He said that, perhaps to the irritation of his running mate, President Franklin D. Roosevelt, when the largely unknown Missouri senator was thrust onto the ticket in 1944. FDR may have had his own ideas as...