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Unmusical Pro-Obama Ditty is Seriously Laughable

Ahadhaamoratsim Wrote: Oct 31, 2012 5:41 PM
Me, too, and I'm voting Republican. But I love the way it illustrates the Democratic Party's mindset in this election, where they are peddling ridiculously imaginary fears of the Republican's supposed goals, in order to distract attention from their own dismal failures. But why was there no reference to wild west shootouts and government mandated rape? I guess some of the Democratic Party's paranoid fantasies are too divorced from reality for even the makers of this howler. Or maybe the writers are saving them for a sequel. In any case, the video makes me feel inspired. Where do I get my license to hunt polar bears?

About the new video from a group that calls itself the Future Children Project, which promotes its pro-Obama message in a song performed by a children’s choir: You people must be joking.


This agitprop is so bad I thought it was political satire. It didn’t seem possible that anyone would seriously expect American voters to be swayed by a song filled with lyrics that lament the unemployment of Big Bird, warn of dead polar bears and threaten a guilt trip for moms and dads if they don’t pull the lever for Barack Obama on Tuesday.

No, despite the fact that...