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Savage Speech Reveals Double Standard

Ahadhaamoratsim Wrote: May 02, 2012 11:00 AM
Can you not see the absurdity of saying that G-d does not know about genetics, or that He did not know about it then, but does now? G-d is by definition omniscient and created the world, including the laws of genetics. Even assuming your unrpoven conclusion that sexual preferences are genetic, what you are describing is not G-d; you are describing some pagan construct.

In addition to pushing to redefine marriage in different states around the country, homosexual activists have spent the last year or two pushing for censorship of free speech under the guise of “anti-bullying” campaigns.

There is a serious problem with the very idea of “anti-bullying” campaigns which often culminate in legislation or policies geared specifically toward protecting those who say they are homosexual from criticism or offense. These laws routinely violate the First Amendment because they not only restrict some free speech but create a double standard which allows offensive and demeaning criticism of groups that aren’t protected by the...