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The fact that you think this is a dumb thing says little for your own intelligence, open-mindedness, courtesy and morality.
I knew law students who thought that an order like this would be legal, and who thought it would be illegal to let the kid pray. That doesn't mean it happened the way the kid thought it did, and it doesn't mean the school authorized the teacher to say it. It seems to me the principal took the correct approach: 1. We looked into this. 2. We can't say that it happened, but it could have. 3. If a teacher did say that to your daughter, the teacher was violating school policy. 4. We are reminding all our teachers that kids have the right to pray. Given all that, a noisy withdrawal, or a demand for an apology, strike me as an overreaction.
Good article, Shawn, but I think you mean children of Yishmael (or Ishmael), not Esau.
Because there is no teshuvah after death.
Wrong. If you took the trouble to actually read the Biblical account, you would know that "too many human beings" had nothing to do with it, and that G*d took action because of wide spread violence and moral corruption. If you then expand your research to traditional Jewish sources, you would learn that the corruption included dishonesty over amounts too small to rectify in court, inter-species breeding, sexual license, and marriages between men.
No less a liberal icon than Angela Davis has said that Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger, an avowed eugenist, was a racist. Others disagree. But she did consider blacks and immigrants to be inferior. She favored the use of birth control, and in some cases involuntary sterilization, to control the population growth of groups ththat she saw as undesirbales.
Same here, although I didn't bother seeing Elysium either. How the director can attribute infanticide to someone that the Bible describes as "a righteous man, perfect in his generation" is more than I can figure.
Well said. I doubt that it will have any affect on Darby (or whatever name he's posting under this week) but refutinghis hate-filled lies does benefit the open-minded readers.
Darby, your misconceptions about the Talmud have even less substance than tales about the Little People.
Embarrassing, yes. But the chances of Conservatives in the audience shouting him down are next to nil, no?
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Squeegee People

Ahadhaamoratsim Wrote: Mar 03, 2014 2:01 PM
One hundred percent correct. But I hope Dr. Adams is not implying that I would be justified in brandishing a firearm, let alone using it, to keep the squeegee man from scratching my car. In most states, one cannot use or threaten deadly force except to prevent death or serious injury to yourself or another.The average citizen who points a gun at someone to keep from having a car scratched is asking for a prison sentence.
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