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President Obama and Racial Division in America

Chicken George Wrote: Nov 03, 2012 1:51 AM
The truth is everyone who can vote should pay something. Some people just can't do it. I get that but not 47%. People that can vote but pay nothing can vote themselves benefits that other people have to pay for. Think about it, depending on how this vote goes Tuesday, the Pope and I may have to pay for Sandra Fluke's loose sex life.

Before Barack Obama was elected as our 44th president, I issued a warning to my radio listeners: As much as I was eager to see a black man (and black family) in the White House, if he was the wrong man for the job, rather than bringing greater racial unity to America, he would bring greater racial strife.

I truly wish I had been wrong about this, but the facts speak for themselves. And clearly, this is not rocket science.

For the most part, a white, Hispanic, or Asian vote for Barack Obama in 2008 demonstrated that Americans were...