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President Obama's Deficit Problem

Chicken George Wrote: Jan 21, 2013 12:50 AM
Finical Report of the United States Government ....Absent Policy Changes -The federal Government Continues to face an unsustainable fiscal Path Government Accountability Office Jan. 17, 2013 Enough said.
desar Wrote: Jan 21, 2013 1:04 AM
Can we get these factual accounts in front of Independent and women voters, so that they can see for themselves,

The Obama's and the Clinton's are "Complete-lying-frauds-actors !"

We must all make sure that alot of Ind and women voters join our ranks to save our country !

We must inform the Independent and women voters to the past scandalous parts of Barack-Barry-Davis-Hussein-Obama-Soetoro-Obama's, Bill Clinton's records !
desar Wrote: Jan 21, 2013 1:11 AM
And admit that GB-2 the lowlife RINO-Neo-Con-ME-war-mongering-war-criminal,

was-is a complete Lying-Tyrannical-filth, who sold the USA out to OPEC, China, Mexico,

the same as GB-1, B-Clinton, BH-Obama did !
Republicans are reportedly ready to vote to hike the debt ceiling without any of the major deficit-related concessions they've been pushing for from Democrats, and budget-watchers will soon turn their attention to the looming sequestration spending cuts (from the Budget Control Act, or BCA) scheculed to take place on March 1 and the expiration of the continuing resolution budget that the federal government has been operating on, scheduled to take place March 28.

Progressives, however, have been declaring the deficit problem "mostly solved." A report from the left-leaning Center on Budget and Policy Priorities found that, including all...