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Go Figure: Many Elected Democrats Suddenly "Evolving" on Gay Marriage

Chicken George Wrote: Mar 26, 2013 7:15 PM
....and you think they will change minds by becoming democrat lite? Do you think the Republicans can promise more entitlements than the democrats? The only thing that got me to change my mind is when I saw all the destruction that liberalism caused. Once you abandon your principles you're through anyway.

You simply must read Allahpundit's coverage of this defection parade.  It's hilarious.  He's even got a half-joking pool running on which Senate Democrat will be the next to "evolve," and when the announcement will come. Republican Senator Rob Portman opened the floodgates earlier this month by announcing his support for same-sex marriage (he has a gay son), touching off a stampede of Democrats into the SSM camp.  Among those who have abruptly changed their minds literally within the last two days : Claire McCaskillMark Warner